LACE TATTOOS: The New Tattoo Trend


Lace: the best partner of feminity for centuries. Women have always been fascinated by this intricate fabric, and of course, men wouldn’t deny the power it has on them… A female body, adorned with lace underwear is of course the symbol of sensuality, eroticism and lust. But the complexity of the openwork fabric is also a token of luxury and thus associated with royalty, power and high fashion. Sex and wealth in the same thing, no need to look after another reason for obsession. Women love to buy lingerie, ribbons and sexy clothes with lace. Men and lovers love to see them wearing it… But sometimes the precious fabric, the closest to the flesh, can also be into the skin, as lace tattoos are getting quite popular. Inserted into a delicate design such as a flower or an animal, or used for luscious ornamental tattoos, lace can give in to every fancy and titillate tattoo lovers and artists’ imagination. If you want to express your feminity with a charming and tasty tattoo, you can fall for lace tattoos. Andas a bonus: no need to wash them! ( By JenTheRipper from ) Here is a kind of lingerie show for you ladies (and gentlemen are allowed…) with 30 refined lacy tattoos:

13-Blue-Lace-Tattoo-on-Back White-lace-garters-2-578x476 tumblr_m18148hvLc1qabd40o1_500 Susanne-Yvonn-Pettersen-537x800 steampunk_gothic_stretch_lace_cuff_victorian_wristlet_gloves_2 Sanna-533x800 Samael-Cahill Rose-and-butterflies-lace-tattoo-578x579-1 Pitor-Ćwięk-578x552 Moonstruck-578x722 Miss-Voodoo-578x578 marco_manzo_04 London-Reese1-578x578 Leg-Lace-Tattoo-for-Girl lace-tattoo-on-eye Lace-Shoulder Kid-Kros-e1405527178924-578x372 Guen-Douglas-578x578 Giahi-578x701 DSC04614 Dodie-Lheure-bleue-578x577 Delphine-Noiztoy-520x800 David-Boggins-578x578 asia-argento-tatuaggio-in-primo-piano 1399899421_2-4 303ec04de8f1f9eb460bd80af684628a 101c67bf1a8863db82a41d3c37c5819f