AGEING: Do Italian Company Frame Cosmetics Will Change Everything In This Field ?


As usual, Italians are doing better. If you remember, we have just published few weeks ago the press release from Frame Cosmetics. Last week in Milano was finally presented to the Italian media the new pro-ageing skincare project called FRAME. Probably one of the most interesting project in the cosmetics industry at this moment, for many reasons: The first one is that four of the most important Italian industries specialized in extraction of plant-based active ingredients, production of nutriceuticals and skincare supplements are part of this project. The second reason is that a great scientifical advisory board composed of the most important Italian scientists linked to ageing process, Mediterranean nutrition, healthcare, biology, geriatrics and skincare are involved as well. The reason they have decided to enter into the market is because they have considered that it’s time to do something really serious in this field, and try to bring to consumers something really new. And definitely this is new! A new approach of caring our skin and health, following the Mediterranean rules of wellbeing, lifestyle and nutrition.


Creams, serums, essential oils, nutriceuticals, skincare supplements, herbal infusions and mechanobiological devices are part of the three FRAME kits, all of them 100% plant based and made in Italy with a super cool packaging design. Products in standard kits are available online from January 2018 at In the same website for those who would like to have a tailor made skincare kit, this is possible by visiting the “Made To Measure” page and follow the instructions. The company informed that FRAME products will be available in Italy (inside some of the high-end skincare and perfumery shops or concept stores) as well in other countries starting with Germany, Benelux, East Europe and Middle East. On April 2018 an Asian branch will be opened in Hong Kong, which will have the role to manage the major Asian markets. So be prepared to experience the latest Italian innovation in pro-ageing from 2018. More about this project at

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