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IMG_3629 copia has introduced during the last 5 years the best in Design, Art, Innovation, Fashion, Science, Photography, Architecture, Economy, History etc. It has become one of the International authorities on the cutting edge and the classic, the new and the rediscovered. The reaches over 4K readers each month with 25K subscribers making it one of the innovative & influential online magazines. Now, in conjunction with the Italian publishing company, RED ( the magazine is available quarterly also in printed version and it is distributed internationally through the best book, magazine and concept stores by Agenzia Italiana Esportazione ( Advertising on 5election magazine (both online and paper edition), communicates to an influential population of innovator and adopter buyers. Our readers shape a very dynamic peer society and make up very strong opinion leaders in their own social groups. They are personalities extremely passionate about life and its aesthetics in every aspect of their lives. They live and breathe product design, architecture, interiors and fashion but in the same time they pay attention to lifestyle, innovation, science, culture, art, etc. They are often leaders in these fields, looking to 5election for inspiration and unrivalled coverage of all that is new. They travel extensively both for business and pleasure and are definitely design enthusiasts. Rather than being mere spectators, our readers live in 5election’s world and have access to a seamless international marketplace – the ultimate consumer dream (reader statistics: 60/40 male/female – Median age 29 – Core readership 18-40 – University educated 90% Postgrad degree 33% – 76% live in city centers – 2/3 work in creative professions as architecture, interiors, fashion, graphic design and 1/3 in traditional professions as finance, law, information technology, medicine).It is therefore the quality of our readers that makes 5election magazine proud of its accomplishments and our advertisers satisfied with their investment. The companies/brands that choose to advertise with 5election, usually operate at the higher end of their industry, or they are new entrepreneurs searching for business partners around the planet. On the whole, they possess a comprehensive understanding of the power and dynamics of the media and are looking to increase their visibility to highly informed new clients as well as build and enhance their image and support consistency and measurability across their strategic marketing actions. To satisfy all our advertising partners’ necessities, there are currently different ways to advertise on 5election magazine. If you are interested in discussing your potential communication plan with 5election further, please send us an e-mail at or call +39-3397058131 and we will be at your disposal for any further needs and questions.

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