A same-sex wedding has taken place in Moscow, with two brides permitted to marry by authorities. Alina Davis and Allison Brooks both wore dresses for the ceremony in a Moscow registry office, but they were granted a license because Davis – who identifies as androgyne – is legally recognised as male. According to the Mail, Davis said: “In May, we filled in the application in the registry office, and our appearance did not cause any questions at all, which surprised us. “But just a couple of weeks before the wedding they started to call us. When they could not reach us, they called my mother. The head of the registry office asked her to instruct us that we should not appear both in dresses, because in Russia marriage is between a man and a woman, and no other way. She threatened that she would not allow us to come in such clothes.”


However, the registry office was unable to find any regulation it could use to prohibit the union, as it did not recognise Davis’ gender. Officers would either have to recognise that Davis is not male, or allow the union to take place – and as such allowed it to do so. Davis continued: “We arrived at the appointed place at the appointed hour. “They let in the guests, and a film crew, and they declared us husband and wife, and we exchanged rings. “All the staff of the registry office, the couples waiting to marry, and people on the street gave us amused glances. “I believe that we have created an important precedent for such a wedding in Russia, for we are not alone in having such problems. “I have written to couples who are planning similar marriages and are afraid of failures with registration. Be aware – you can not be refused.” However, the couple told the Moscow Times that they have since received threats for “subverting Russia’s foundations”. ( By Nick Duffy from )