EXPIRED L.A: Exploration Of Los Angeles At Night By Photographer Vicky Moon


“Architecture holds a very strong place in my heart. I’ve always been fascinated by the intricately built exteriors and the beautifully designed interiors. With my passion for photography and love for architecture, I assure the highest caliber of professionalism and satisfaction within my imagery… Expired L.A. is an on going series of my exploration of Los Angeles at night. I look for run down buildings that hold a forgotten beauty and photograph them with expired 4×5 film. Every building is unique and captivating, as well as the individual color shifts each building creates with every exposure. I am fascinated by the drama that is created by the night sky and seek the beautiful in the overlooked; I find the mundane to be extravagant and I find the beauty in the expired; This is my Los Angeles.” Graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA with a B.F.A. in Photography + Imaging, Vicky Moon’s images are available for purchase. Prints are no smaller than 16inx20in / 20in x 16in; There is no maximum print limitation. So if you are interested to buy some, do not hesitate to contact Vicky via Email: vickymoonphoto@gmail.com. For more pictures visit also the link below.

Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-0 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-20 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-19 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-17 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-16 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-15 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-14 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-13 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-12 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-11 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-10 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-9 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-8 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-7 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-6 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-5 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-3 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-2 Los-Angeles-Neon-Lights-1