LEAF HOUSE: The Tiny House On Wheels By Laird Herbert


This tiny house on wheels is designed to serve a family of four. If you account for the 55 square foot sleeping loft, there’s a total of 215 square feet of living space inside. You can see the floor plan at the bottom of this post. It’s called the Leaf House (Version 2) and it was created by Laird Herbert who’s from Whitehorse, Canada. This home was built using FSC (Forest Stewardship Certified) timber along with some reclaimed materials helping to make it as eco-friendly as possible. Since it was designed to be used in Canada, you can also be sure that it’ll withstand cold climates. If this is version 2, where’s version 1? That’s for another time, but below is a preview of Herbert’s first tiny home project which has already sold. Version 2 features a sleeping loft, living area with sofa bed, kitchen, dining, and a bathroom with a composting toilet. The tankless hot water system is powered by propane along with the refrigerator and GE oven. To help keep power consumption efficient Herbert used LED and halogen lighting throughout. There’s also a 35 gallon water tank to help make the home self contained. The exterior siding is part metal part FSC tongue and groove cedar giving it a modern and luxurious look and feel. Interior walls are part birch plywood and part drywall, as you can see in the pictures. Tin was used to cover the slanted roof and this tiny home is actually up for sale and priced at $44,500. (sold) For more information or to get in touch with Herbert, just follow the link below.

leaf-house-living-area leafhouse-version-1 leafhouse-luxury-tiny-house-on-wheels-serves-family-of-4 leafhouse-living-area-interior leafhouse-kitchen  leaf-house-luxury-efficient-green-tiny-home