Available in English for the very first time (the original French edition, published by Gallimard in 2011, sold 25.000 copies in the first 2 months of its release), In the Kitchen with Alain Passard by Christophe Blain is the first graphic novel to enter the kitchen of a thrice Michelin-starred French master chef. Passard’s initial wish was to work on a book with an illustrator who would help him better explain his methods and recipes through a visual breakdown and representation, but what developed is a documentary style narrative, with Blain accompanying him to various locations as they conduct a lengthy running-dialogue/ interview on cooking and creating,  punctuated with recipes at the end of each passage. Over a period of  3 years, Blain visits Passard at his restaurant, L’Aperge, his home, his gardens, talks to his workers and colleagues, and eats heartily all the while. With simple yet sublime drawings and thousands of colorful panels, this book gives the reader an inside, uncensored look at the world of Passard, who shocked the food universe in 2001 by removing meat from the menu at his celebrated Paris restaurant and dedicating himself to serving vegetables from his own organic farms. This irresistible hardcover combines a portrait of an amazing chef, an inside look at his creative process, and a humorous riff on fine dining culture—plus fifteen recipes for the home kitchen—in one haute cuisine comic book for foodies!