GOMO DETOX TEAS: The Custom Blended Teas To Help Detox Your Body


Even the tiniest of hangovers can be more vicious than when we were younger. GoMo began a search for the best hangover “cures” that were all-natural and not to be found on two a.m. infomercials. So, they considered the cleansing, stomach soothing and mental awareness properties that teas contain. After a number of tea and supplement formulations,  they found the perfect mix for GoMo Detox Tea.


“GoMo” is a play on both Good Mood – which you in will be after it takes effect; and Go More – which you’ll be doing more quickly after drinking the tea. The custom blend of teas and supplements help you to rehydrate and energize while replacing valuable nutrients. Enjoyed hot or cold, GoMo is a must for festival recovery, travel fatigue, or just a long night out.


Stimulate the mind without stimulants. Alsto increase cognitive function and help aid weight-los too. The ingredients are: Yunnan Pu’erh tea, Organic Jasmine Green Tea, Proprietary Blend of Supplements that includes Ginger root, Vitamin C, L-Theanine and 5-HTP. For the best cup of GoMo Tea, we recommend steeping 1-2 teaspoons of the blend, bagged, into a cup of hot water with a temp between 180-212 degrees F for 45 seconds. Add lemon, sugar, honey or milk as needed to taste. For more information or to buy the GoMo tea or to invest in this project, just visit the link below.