The latest bottle from KOR, called NAVA has been deemed “the bottled water killer” because not only is it a beautiful, sporty and edgy water bottle, but it’s got a coconut carbon filter inside that filters out all the chlorine and odors and other yucky stuff you might find in the tap or a local water fountain. It’s certainly not the first water bottle to have a carbon filter. However, what’s great about this bottle, is that it’s durable, solid, beautiful plus the functionality is spot on. If you’ve ever tried drinking from other water bottles with carbon filters, you might notice it’s really hard to suck the water out, or you have to squeeze the bottle… with KOR’s new NAVA bottle, you don’t feel like you’re drinking out of a filtered bottle; the water just flows like any other sport bottle. You can appreciate all the time and research that went into making this bottle. KOR created the first ever water bottle filter subscription service. So now, you can sign up and get your filters delivered as you need them, or choose to get an email when it’s time to order a new filter. The choice is yours. For more information or to order this bottle, follow the link below.