Peter Ørntoft is a designer in the field of visual communication. He has a BA from the University of the Arts London and an MA from the Danish Design School. Peter usually works with a context and research based approached to traditional fields of visual communication and by using this approach his projects are able to contain multiple layers and tell more stories about the subject or the client dealt with. Informationgraphics in context The project is of an investigative and conceptual character. I wanted to explore data visualization because it seemed like a subject within visual communication that still have a lot of different directions that needs to be explored. A part from that I have a bit of fascination for arranging and structuring numbers, text, forms, colors, etc. and look for patterns in the structures.


The project deals with data from a list of the social related interests of the Danish people. The list is the result of an opinion poll from a major consultancy company in Denmark. I have used the context of specific opinion polls within each interest to shape and design diagrams. By doing so the receiver understands more layers of information about the data. Interest no.4 is refugees and immigrants. The focus of the interest deals with whether or not the Danes think it’s ethical to wear religious symbols in public professions.


I have used the looks and appearances of traditional religious symbols to design the diagrams explaining the data. Interest no.5 is health and healthcare. The focus of the interest deals with the Danes fear of the H1N1 flu and whether they think the Danish healthcare system can handle an epidemic. At the pharmaceutical faculty at the University of Copenhagen I worked with microorganisms to design the diagrams explaining the data. Interest no.6 is Law and order.


The focus of the interest deals with gang related crime and whether the Danes have changed behaviour because of it. I have used barrier tape as a continuous design element and I have used a person’s pattern of behaviour and urban space to design the diagrams explaining the data. To implement the visual concept and the associated experiments I chose the statistic yearbook as a platform for communication.


I designed a box set containing 10 leaflets including information about the interest and the focus of the interest. By doing so, the receiver can both get an overview of the list of the social related interests and get detailed information about each of the 10 interests. ( 5elected from – Words and photos By Peter Ørntoft )