Yossi Loloi is an Italian photographer born in Milan in 1976 to Persian Jewish parents. He studied photography in Jerusalem at the Musrara School of Photography and started working with top fashion photographers. Not feeling part of the fashion world, Loloi’s fascination of bigger women began in 2006, when he developed an interest for alternative beauty and started photographing models known as SSBBW (Super-Sized Big Beautiful Women). “FullBeauty”, his photographic project, is powerful, provocative and ironic. It turns, on its head, the role of the female nude and its depiction made up of stereotypes tied to fashion and the cult of a sculpted and constructed body focused on glamour and eroticism to the point of being a fetish. And for Yossi, it offered the opportunity to show his ability to break the rules and to interpret a world – that of the nude – which seemed to have had said all that it had to say.

“In my work, I portray what larger women represent to me. I focus on their fullness and femininity, as a form of protest against discrimination set by media and by today’s society. What larger women embody to me is simply a different form of beauty. I believe we own ‘freedom of taste’ and one shouldn’t be reluctant of expressing their inclination towards it. Limiting this freedom is living in a dictatorship of esthetics.“