DON KENN : Post-It Monsters

Don Kenn Mortensen, sometimes known as John Kenn (b. 1978), is a director and creator of television shows for kids, from Denmark. He has an interesting hobby: in his spare time, he draws monsters on post-it notes. “It is a little window into a different world, made on office supplies.” His doodles are intriguing both for their artistic skill, and for the unique world they reveal: a world of monsters and eerie creatures, but also populated with the innocence of children. Otherworldly and often frightening, towering with mouths brimming with razor sharp teeth or rising their tentacles from the water, Kenn’s monstrous creatures seem intimidating to us, but not to the children that are often in their presence. Are these monsters actually guardians of innocence? The drawings, of ghouls and ghosts, sea monsters and living islands, haunted woods and city streets, combine the imaginative ramblings of doodles with a technique of hatching tones and range of atmosphere and effect reminiscent of Edward Gorey and Maurice Sendak. His work has been published by the Danish publisher Aben maler.