Conte bleu is a brand with a slogan, “Fable-like life”, was established by idealists. Working in Seoul, South Korea they research fable-like values through various experiments and projects. Animal wine racks or called AB series, are really unique. Conte Bleu has designed and developed playful wine accessory to keep your wines witty. Each one is made out of wood with 4 different animals: reindeer, elephant, penguin, and dog, yes, you would want all of them because we do. Each character looks like a fairy tale animal that guards your wine, perfect for any kitchen. Insert the furrow of the wood pieces in lattice mode, then you can place your wine bottle and enjoy a new drinking partner. Children and adults would love the company, we just wish the company offers different color options to match different kitchen décor. ( 5elected from ) For more information, just follow the link bellow.