RETROGRADE : A New Music Video From James Blake Directed By Martin De Thurah

James Blake, in my mind, just keeps getting better an better. Above is the first single called “Retrograde” from his album Overgrown which comes out. The sound of this track is certainly an evolution from his previous albums and EPs. The song structure is less experimental, it’s a bit like a pop song in format, but his trademark vocals and blown out instruments give this song such incredible power. The video is directed by the always incredible Martin de Thurah who we’ve been writing about for years now. He’s collaborated with Blake on two videos in the past, “Lindisfarne” and “Limit To Your Love”, and this new video is just as remarkable. de Thurah’s ability to add a supernatural element to all of his videos is one of my favorite aspects of his work. This video is no exception either. I’ve tried to figure out what the video means in reference to the song and all I can think of is that it’s about a woman remembering her past and the person she used to be. The video’s protagonist drives to a home clad in head-to-toe leather and helmet, almost as if she’s entered an alien world. Some of the shots almost look like they take place in an aliens-esque space film. This paired with the ominous meteor that crashes down to earth only add to the surreal tone. I think the idea of memories, the strong of them and how they form us, is the center of this. I think the woman is remembering who she was but no longer is, and it hits her with the intensity of meteor crashing. I could be wrong and I’d love to hear what your take on the video is. (By Bobby Solomon from )