HORIKAZU: Traditional Tattoo in Japan

Photographer Martin Hladik spent many years photographing and documenting the work of Japanese tattoo artist Horikazu deceased in December 2011. His new book, Traditional Tattoo in Japan: Horikazu, is a lifework of “the Tattoo Master from Asakusa in Tokio.” More than 460 pictures help tell the story of Japanese tattooing, with studio visits and interviews with Horikazu’s eldest son and successor, Horikazuwaka. Horikazu Sensei was a horishi (a traditional Japanese tattoo master) who had been actively working for forty years. The book shows in-depth functioning and techniques of the traditional tebori method of hand tattooing Horikazu was master in, and illustrates the fascinating esthetics and the complex conception of motifs in traditional Japanese tattoos displayed in gorgeous photographs, from Koi to Kabuki, from Buddha to Benzaiten. Anyone of the tattoos reproduced is one of a kind, it was exclusively created for the wearer, and made by hand. A perfect book for any fan of Japan, tattooing and body art. Out now from Editions Reuss.