It is said that there is no future without the respect of one’s own history: HAPTER has already the DNA of a line able to look beyond, though deeply rooted in the Italian manufacturing experience and expertise. HAPTER is an exclusive brand of sunglasses inspired by a pair of glacier military goggles from the Second World War found on a summit within the Dolomite mountains in 2009. Materials and methods are twisted together in a new dimension of an exclusive industrial process: efficient, linear and sustainable, tying together artisanship and high technology, enabling the creation of an object able to transmit the subtle vibration of traditions that live in the mastery represented by those recovered goggles. A skeleton of industrial-grade surgical steel guarantees all technical-functional requisites of the glasses, etched to varying thicknesses to obtain a flexible structure ready for the outer skin of high-end textiles produced by Lanificio F.lli Cerruti, inspired by their military archives of the 1940s destined for the world of army uniforms. The result is solid, performance eyewear, minimal and discreet in design, yet charged with emotion that triggers the senses. HAPTER is the recipient of the prestigious iF Product Design Award 2013. To get in touch or to receive more information we invite you to follow the link bellow.