Whether you’ve always thought of your parents as ahead-of-the-curve trendsetters, or if they seem impossibly behind the times to you, there’s a good chance that even the least modern of parents are now hip to the world of Facebook. With each passing year, more and more parents are signing up, signing on, and becoming the proud operators of their very own social media profiles. Even if your parents are some of your best friends, there’s still a good chance that they could embarrass you in front of your 500+ Facebook friends. Even if your parents don’t write directly on your Facebook wall, you might be surprised at how often they take a peek at your profile, just to make sure you’re staying out of trouble. Nearly half of the parents who have Facebook accounts look at their son or daughter’s profile every single day, and one in two parents on the social media network confess that part of why they joined Facebook was primarily to keep an eye on their kids. Love it or hate it, your parents are probably on Facebook to stay—but before you click “accept” on their friend requests, make sure you’re prepared to have mom and dad regularly peeking at your profile. ( By Allison Morris from www.OnlineEducation.net )