In a country where homosexuals are condemned by their president as being lower than pigs and dogs, where one could be prosecuted and imprisoned for committing “homosexual acts”, comes a story of a young man forced to lead a shadow of a life to avoid the harsh consequences of living openly. Vimbai, the self proclaimed number one hairdresser in Harare is livid with jealousy when the good looking, smooth-talking Dumisani joins the esteemed Mrs Khumalo’s Hair Salon and snatches the number one spot. Against her better judgement Vimbai soon falls under his infectious charm not knowing that Dumisani holds a shocking secret, one that will turn her views of the world upside-down.

The Hairdresser of Harare catapults us into the world of Zimbabwe’s elite society, where stereotypes and prejudices are as abundant as the lavishness. It tactfully tackles the issue of homosexuality that most African literature shies away from. The novel is published by Weaver Press in Zimbabwe and has been made available here through The African Books Collective. It has been translated into German by Peter Hammer Verlag as Der Friseur Von Harare, and a French Translation will follow this year. For more information you can get in touch with the author at . To buy the book, we invite you to visit the links below.