The saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ couldn’t be more true when it comes to the Daasanach tribe in the Omo Valley of Ethiopia. This semi-nomadic tribe take things other people discard, turning them into extravagant headpieces. Everything from bottle caps and old watches to old hair clips and pieces of scrap metal are used to make these masterpieces. Photographer Eric Lafforgue was fortunate enough to spend years with the tribe and photographed its members wearing their very own handmade headgear. Lafforgue explains on his website: ‘Tribes do not let anything go to waste. They collect everything and bottle caps are no exception. There is an ample supply from the bars in Omorate, a dusty town where drinking beers and coke is the only way to have fun. ‘…The goal is to build something that shines, glistens, and makes noise when they dance. Dassanech children love to dance. They bang on the ground until a cloud of dust builds. Some of these children already wear bottle cap hats. ‘Usually, members of the tribe are eager to sell anything they fashion. However, when it comes to the bottle cap hats, they refuse. They consider them part of their identity now’. ( By Rachel Oakley from Lostateminor.com – Via 123 Inspiration )

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