PANTONE CAFE IN MONACO: The Popup Caffe Were Color And Cuisine Go Hand In Hand


“I’ll have an 18-1660 Tomato Red Mozza White, an 11-0414 Vanilla Ice, and a 032 Coca Cola Red, please.” The order may sound a bit peculiar for a typical bistro, but at a new café in Monaco, it makes complete sense. This summer the Grimaldi Forum is hosting the world’s first Pantone color–coordinated eatery, where each item on the menu is matched with a specific hue. In 1963, Pantone founder Lawrence Herbert invented a method to systematize color for the graphic arts community. By assigning specific hues an identification number in the Pantone Matching System, he created standards that ensured color accuracy from design to final printed product. Pantone has since been incorporated into other design industries, from textiles to plastics to paint. And now the color-matching system has even expanded to food. The Pantone Cafe has a full menu featuring sandwiches, salads, pastries, and cocktails. Some items are named after the color of an ingredient—for instance, 19-1625 Pistachio Green for a pistachio éclair. Or the Pantone color may refer to a brand’s signature hue, such as 17-6153 Heineken Green. No matter what you order from the café, you’re sure to enjoy both beautiful color and great food. ( By Stefanie Waldek from ) For more information follow also the link below.

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