YOUR CHILD IS WHAT YOU EAT: Disturbing Ads Remind Expectant Mothers Of The Dangers Of Junk Food


Did you know that your food intake while you are pregnant affects your unborn child? Simply eating a donut or having a cup of coffee may have an effect on your baby. To educate the public on this, Brazil-based agency Paim has created a series of ads for the SPRS in Brazil. The ads feature babies suckling on naked breasts that have been drawn with sugary treats and coffees, coupled with the haunting header that reads “your child is what you eat”. ( By Winona Wee from )


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Advertising Agency:Paim, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Creative Director:Rodrigo Pinto

Art Directors:Vanessa Locks, José Pedro Bortolini, Matheus Mendes, Júlia Poloni

Copywriters:Marcio Blank, Cindy Schneider, Mariana Ferreira, Eduardo Pandolfo

Illustrator:Joel Nunes

Photographer:Raul Krebs

Lettering Design:Matheus Mendes

Digital Artist:Gariba

Production:Alex Souza