SEXED: A Novel By R.D. Barucco


“Do all men creep into sexual depths the way I do?” Luke wonders minutes before attending a support group for sex addicts. He decided to seek help after spending a sordid night with Uncle Phil in a hotel room in Newark. Five months later, Luke is still unsure if joining the support group is a sound idea. As he faces his demons, Luke listens to the stories of men and women, gay and straight, struggling with compulsive behaviors, addictive pornography, chronic masturbation, cheating lovers, incestuous fathers, diseases, and drugs. Luke meets people, learns more about his problem and revisits events from the past in the arduous attempt to make sense of it all. Sexed offers an alluring journey into Luke’s mind. With a captivating journey into the darkest side of compulsive behaviors, SEXED is a controversial debut novel that will challenge everything you know about sexuality. Published by CreateSpace Publishing, the book is available from Barnes & Noble ( ISBN-13:9781515399438 )