The headpieces of her latest creation, ‘Atmospheric Reentry’, are excitingly different, delicate and futuristic. The Tokyo born graduate of Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art, seeks to ‘create surreal, subtle dramas around the person wearing a piece and the people near them’. She imagines to give the people wearing her pieces the opportunity to ‘experience or share surreal moments in their daily lives, at a party or in the privacy of their own home’. ‘I want my pieces to give people those magical experiences’. In many cultures the hat is a status symbol and wearing a hat is still an obligation to attend certain ceremonial occasions. A hat makes its owner appear taller, more important and gives the person a certain presence. A hat can enable a person to slip on a different personality and let him or her become someone different.


When Björk entered the stage wearing one of Takeda’s creations on this years tour, the young artist could hardly believe her eyes: ‘The first piece she wore actually covers the whole face, so I wasn’t sure if it would be comfortable for her to sing in. I went to bed thinking she probably wouldn’t wear it in the end. In the morning I woke up to seeing pictures of Björk on the internet wearing my headpiece.


That was the most rewarding moment for me’. Moving from Japan to London has influenced MaikoTakeda in many ways. Experiencing a new aesthetic in London, she suddenly really felt comfortable being herself, more comfortable than she had felt being in Japan. When it comes to her work though, she never tries to be too Japanese. She is not too fond of bringing her own cultural references into her work. ‘I obviously can see that my work is quite Japanese, but it’s not intentional.


‘ Her work could be seen at this years London Fashion Week and will soon be shown at the Vienna Museums Quartier. About her work, the artist says: ‘I’d love to be making pieces that make me happy, seeing as I’m really self-critical. It would be great if I could keep on making pieces that create these subtle dramas and experiences for the people who wear them.’ ( Source: ) For more information or to get in touch with Maiko, do not hesitate to follow the link below.