HANAYUSHI TAKAYA: Innovative Flower Headpieces


Born in 1975, Takaya started out in the world of culinary and in 2004, he started his work as a Flower Artist in Kyoto. Using only fresh flowers, he invented an original technique of art in the field of hair dressing, tying together people and flower. As a HANAYUISHI, he worked with many wedding occasions,live performances and media companies like NHK. For every face and every dress, every proposal is tailored to fit that one individual. Unthinkable design for the infinite future are also greatly supported.On his website, Japanese fashion designer Hanayuishi Takaya calls himself a “Flower Artist,” and it’s true that his extraordinary headpieces would look as much at home in a vase as they do in his models’ hair. His ornate pieces employ flowers, fresh vegetables and fruits. These new pieces, Takaya says, are meant to show “withering and death in contrast with flowers blooming with life.” Takaya plans out some of his headdresses in advance, but many times he treats his designs as live performances, removing a cloth bag from a model’s head to create new arrangements from whatever he found at the market that day. “When I actually put the first flower on the model’s hair, that’s the beginning of the design process,” he says. Takaya’s most recent live shows, featured in the video below, saw him designing men’s headpieces live in Tokyo and Kyoto. For more information or to get in touch with Takaya, just follow the link below.


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