Elon Musk persistently, ceaselessly continues to challenge the modern automotive industry. The South African-born business mogul and inventor has just taken the curtain off of Tesla’s revamped Roadster – the flagship convertible of the pioneering alt-energy automaker. The most glaring progression here is the upgraded battery – bumping its capacity by 31% in comparison to elder models – which allows the Roadster 3.0 to travel further on a single charge. To be exact, a charge on this revamped battery will get you up to 400 miles – certainly an impressive voyage for automobiles as a whole, much less the oft-ostracized electric ones. The Roadster will also be outfitted with a drag-reducing aero body kit and improved tires. A late treat for early adopters, take a look at Tesla’s latest above, and stay tuned for more information. ( Source: Hypebeast.com )