THE CAKE: Pastry Shop In Kiev By 2B Group


Architecture firm 2B.Group have recently completed The Cake, a modern French pastry shop in Kiev, Ukraine. Architects disputed about name for the design longer than worked on it, which took record-breaking shortest term: four months from first sketches till open day rehearsal. However, they have eventually reconciled with calling it after music genre – “indie” design. The diversity of images and forms presented in the 80m2-main hall has only been achieved due to the fact that most of design elements have been handcrafted. 2B.GROUP is an architectural bureau from Kyiv, Ukraine owed by two young architects, Viacheslav Balbek and Olga Bogdanova. For the past several years team has got an immense experience and gained a highly estimated renome in the Ukrainian market. specializes in simple, accurate, high-quality, and at the same time comfortable and warm designs. A special focus of Bureau expertise lies in lofts and high technological interiors. Its practice areas include urban infrastructure projects, residences, and restaurants to name a few. Both Viacheslav and Olga hold Masters Degrees in architecture from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. For more information or to get in touch with the architects, just follow the link below.

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