Does this title have you scratching your head? You read it right, men do have excellent decorating taste. Want proof? Well, this article will have you realizing that some of the most historic and influential designs were established by men. Exterior and interior, men have added a tantalizing touch to design that should not be forgotten or overlooked. In fact, It seems that the design world of 2014 has laid out the red carpet for male designers, welcoming them with wide-open arms into what used to be a predominantly female world. Yes, men have been established as architects for centuries, but male designers were a less common occurrence in the past. Today we see men offering design tips and advice through thousands of TV shows, magazine articles and blogs. The best part of this? It seems that men have a lot to offer in terms of interior/exterior design. Look at men like Nate Berkus who have established a well-known brand for themselves all via their design insight. Yes, men definitely offer a brand new perspective into the design world— a perspective that deserves a discussion.


Ranker has listed some of the most influential male designers (both living and deceased) that have made a substantial impact on the design world. These men come from all corners of the globe and have varying life experiences influencing their designs. Some of the men featured on this list are ones that you have probably heard of before, such as the famous and influential architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, whose unique perspective modernized the world of architecture. But do all male designers come from the world of architecture?


While some may think so, it seems that a lot of current male designers have varying influences, aside from architecture, that drive their passion. Just like female designers, men have been driven towards the design world because of the environment they grew up in; a flair for artistry; a love of culture; a vision; a spatial insight that others do not possess etc…. It’s wonderful that we live in a world of equality where everyone can pursue their passions, shunning all past stereotypes. Without feeding into a stereotype, it is still a known fact that men think differently than women.


Most men are strategists, planners, and ‘doer’s’. It only seems obvious that with this skill-set a man would be drawn into the design world. Design is full of ‘doer’s’, thinkers, planners and people with unique insight, so men fit the mold perfectly. If one does not have a vision, then they cannot become a designer. A person with vision has imagination and a sensory modality that is imperative to design and decorating. Of course, many women possess this vision, but the male brain is also apt to function in this manner, it’s simply in their DNA. Let’s look a little further into the male brain and why it makes men great decorators. For the most part, men are quite logical creatures.


Most men try to follow the K.I.S.S. principle: keep it simple stupid. With this thought process, some of the most amazing home interiors can be created, and illogical mistakes avoided. Think of a kitchen layout. You would want someone who is very logical to design your kitchen, wouldn’t you? You want someone who is a spatial thinker; one who irons out the logistics of how a room should function. Of course, women have these skills, too! But most men excel at logical and spatial thinking, making them an ideal fit into the design world. Why are men such great spatial thinkers? Read on to find out more. Does it go back to the ages of hunting and gathering; when men had to know their way around spatially without a map? Science is not sure, but it does seem that more oft than not, men are spatial thinkers.


A Web MD article attempts to explain the science behind the male thought process with their study that shows that men use an entirely different area of their brain when it comes to spatial reasoning —the left hippocampus — a nucleus deep inside the brain that’s not activated in the women’s brains during navigational tasks. Women are spatial thinkers, but use an entirely different area of their brains to do so. This medical science may prove that men have something unique to offer when spatially designing a room. Women cannot argue— Men have a unique insight to offer the design world. With their adept ability to spatially plan a room, their logic and unique vision—male designers hold an important role when it comes to designing a room.


Maybe the doors of the design world are opening wider to male designers because we live in a more modern time that shun’s stereotypes and opens their ears to everyone’s opinions. Or maybe men who originally studied architecture are realizing that they have even more to offer in terms of interior design. ( Source: Freshome.com )