TOOaPICNIC: Jules Vreeswijk & Joost Waltjen’s Series of Hybrid Furniture


From Netherlands-based designers Jules Vreeswijk and Joost Waltjen come the wonderfully bizarre TOOaPICNIC series of furniture pieces, which seem like the three-way love child of diner booths, picnic tables and sofas. Comprised of a quartet of pieces, the series reads like four successive stages of development, The pieces become even more interesting when they’re mirrored and joined together by a continuous tabletop. Vreeswijk and Waltjen envision the furniture being ideal for waiting rooms, lobbies, public spaces, restaurants and open-plan offices. “Particularly in an environment of Alternative Working Practices,” the duo writes, “furniture should be obvious. The function of a piece of furniture does not need to be explained and must invite for use.” ( By Rain Noe  from ) For more information or to get in touch with the designers, just follow the link below.