DUMPLING YUAN – WANCHAI: The Perfect Llace To Have An Authentic Chinese Lunch In Hong Kong.


Straddling the modern world and the more mysterious, Hong Kong is a city at once ancient and new. With more than 7 million inhabitants, it’s constantly bustling and alive. From globally celebrated cuisine to premiere shopping, from bustling dim-sum parlors to funky streetcars designed to help you manage all those hillsides – Hong Kong truly gives visitors the world in a single, exciting city. Quiet and peaceful it is not, but Dumpling Yuan is a perfect place to have an authentic Chinese lunch in Hong Kong. The tiny, single room is crammed with tables and small stools. In the rear, there’s a bustling, loud kitchen, where options like gooey, hot pork & leek dumplings and cold soy noodles are made fresh to-order. In fact, it gets so busy at peak hours that occasionally an entire table in the back is devoted to kitchen staff hurrying to keep up. It’s a live show to watch the skilled ladies stuffing and folding pork & celery or lamb dumplings by hand, passing off huge trays to be steamed or panfried in the kitchen.



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