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Collecting watches is a hobby that many guys share, including yours truly. I’m not a hardcore collector like some out there and have only a hand full of timepieces in my current collection. I do however; have a great appreciation for the craftsmanship and the high level of attention to details that is involved in the making of a high end watch. We’ve all heard of or seen magazine ads for high end expensive watches such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Zenith, Maurice Lacroix and many more.   We would love to be able to buy these works of art, but disposable money is always hard to come by, especially in the currently recessionary times. In this article I will show you how to buy high-end and low-end watches for up to 75% off the retail price. The trick is to not buy from retail stores because of the markup they slap on, which is understandable because they have to pay high rent for their upscale boutiques and high salaries to their good looking “sales people”.


You can usually get a discount at retail stores but the most you could probably get would be 20 to 25% off, if you’re really good and have the time and patience to go back and forth with the sales person and their manager. So where does one get a great discount on watches? I go shopping online; it’s convenient, there is a great selection of trusted vendors and is very safe. Most online watch retailers offer 20 to 30% off the retail price because they don’t have as much overhead costs as the retail stores. However, if you are not happy with the 20 to 30% discount, there are also a great number of online stores that specialize in selling watches and offer 50 to 60% off the retail price.

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They also have daily and weekly specials where they discount certain watches for up to 75% off retail price. These online watch discounters have great customer service with good return policies and most of them provide free shipping within the United States and have a one to two year warranty on the watches. These stores also don’t charge taxes, which could be a saving of anywhere from 0% to 15%, depending on where you live and what the sales tax is in that state. Here is an example of a watch that I bought at an extreme discount.

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I purchased a Maurice Lacroix Pontos Rectangulaire from eWatches. For people not familiar with Maurice Lacroix, they are a highly regarded Swiss watch manufacturer of luxury watches, prices ranging from a few thousand to over ten thousand per watch. The Maurice Lacroix Pontos Rectangulaire retails for $1,800 at some of the high end watch stores.  I purchased it for $338.82, which is almost 80% off the retail price. This was a special price for one hour only at eWatches, regularly they sell it at $699, which is still at a big discount. So in order to get a really good deal, you have to know what watch you want and keep an eye on the daily watch deal sites, but that’s a small price to pay for savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a great watch that would cost an arm and a leg at retail stores. ( By Faisal from Unfinishedman.com ) Here below is a list of links were you can buy authentic cheap watches.