ART OF FACE: Alexander Khokhlov’s Photography

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Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov decided to disregard a traditional perception of make-up. In his Weird Beauty photo series, made together with a Russian make-up artist Valeryia Kutsan, Alexander uses women’s face as canvas creating sharp black and white patterns. The duo chose shapes and symbols that are hardly relatable to a human’s face, like a QR code or a large key hole which make the models’ faces dissolve in the background. “I discovered photography in 2007 and the first thing I had been impressed was live photography. In the end of 2008 everything changed when I became interested in fashion and beauty photo. It was the time of studies – courses and master classes, coming up with own ideas and organizing my first shootings. I like to work with people but not only for their entity. Everybody is a field for experiments and I don’t know what would be next. My lovely life Veronica always gives me inspiration for the new ideas and projects” Surprisingly, the contrast between the soft faces of the models and the strict lines of the body paint creates a beautiful contrast, quite like black does to white. The pictures look like optical illusions, where your eyes first catch the drawing, and only after that you discover the beautiful female faces underneath. For more information or to get in touch with Alexander, just follow the link below.

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