Singapore-based designer Dymitr Malcew has conceived a series of mobile furniture modules that draw inspiration from the traditional tree-house. Dubbed Break-out Furniture, the modules can be joined together to create a “house” within a house or be used independently to create private recreational zones. The Break-out Furniture modules feature a wooden frame which takes on the form of a classic house shape. Slightly elevated and resting on four wheels, the modules can be moved around as desired. The interior is fitted with side shelving and three large removable cushions. Malcew designed the furniture modules with open plan offices in mind, where they could be used to give employees a semi-private space to work or relax. Ergonomics might be an issue in a work scenario given that the layouts pictured seem much more suited to relaxation than pounding away at a keyboard. In my opinion the modules could also be a fun home addition for the kids zone, or with some weather proofing they could make for a great outdoor feature, offering a private space to relax with the added bonus of shade and flexibility. ( By Bridget Borgobello from ) For more information or to get in touch with Dymitr Malcew, follow the link below.