LAURA PAPP: A Great Hungarian Contemporary Art-Oriented Designer



Graduated from the Moholy-Nagy Univeresity Of Art And Design in Budapest as an accessories designer specialized in leather. she was impressed by the italian culture in rome where she spent a half-year-long erasmus scholarship. Later she moved to berlin to do an internship at the olbrish produkt gmbh as a designer. During her studies she had the possibility to try herself in different fields of art such as sculpture, graphic design, storefront design, photography, jewellery and fashion design which made her think in a more open-minded way. Her brand, “Laurapapp” is specialized on accessories, bags and shoes. during the planning phase it aims for innovative ideas, new and stimulating solutions in terms of forms and materials. Loves experimenting, likes pushing the edge and trying new things. Above all the brand supports co-operation with other fields of design and to benefit from it uses this experience and technological knowledge in the planning process. Considers each and every task a challenge and looks for solutions which are not determined by the ordinary perception. The forms are usually statuesque, dynamic and asymmetrical. The applied colours are moderate rather it lays more stress on the different types of materials (such as leather, porcelain, plastic…), their facture and the form itself. It also deals with concepts such as transparency or forming a single piece of material. Here below you can see  just a short selection of her work, just to give you a clear idea of this tallented designer. For more information  follow the linkbelow. Or get in touch with her at: