Green onions are such an all rounder ingredient! They can be used in almost every dish, from bread, pastas, stirred fry vegetables, hot dogs, meats, chicken dish and so on. All you need is a jar, water and some scallions. The scallions should have roots. Put them in a glass full of water and place it in a sunny window. You can cut off as much of the onions as you need and leave the rest to re-grow. Now this has been experimented! In about 2 days, the onions re grow themselves to about 2 inches and 3-4 inches more about 4 days later.


After a week, you won’t be able to see the difference between the onions you cut originally and the ones that have re-grown themselves. The roots extend themselves as well. These results can easily be achieved from the organic scallions brought from the normal vegetable shop or grocery store. IF conditions are in your favor, you will be able to continue chopping off the parts of the onion for use and the rest of it will continue to grow and grow. The same sort of effect can also be achieved if you plant it in soil.


However it’d be better to try it first. While we are at this, I would also recommend planting a whole garlic in some soil and keeping it by your kitchen window. You will have a never-ending source of garlic-grass thing which would have a flavor garlic and can be put in salads, cold sauces and what not! This technique of growing vegetables in water is known as hydroponics. For those of you looking into growing more vegetables at home, you can research more on Hydroponics. It would be wise to say that the addition of nutrients would further better the taste of the onions produced. ( © – )