#OC2014: The Orthodox Erotic Wall Calendar

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The 2014 edition of the Roumanian Orthodox Calendar (#OC2014) pays tribute to gay marriage. It’s the story of young gay couples from Eastern Europe sharing a common dream of one day being able to wed their beloved at the altar of St. Basil’s or St. Sophia’s or any other Eastern rite church. There are 15 countries in the world that recognize same-sex marriage. Many countries in Eastern Europe are neutral when it comes to this matter – there have been no real attempts to legalise this type of union. But it could be worse. There are 10 countries in the world where homosexuality is punishable by death! Still, we would like to believe that acts of tolerance and respect for other people’s sexuality are possible. Approximately 8 to 10% of the world’s population is gay. In celebration of the fact that love, regardless of sexual orientation, exists and can be celebrated everywhere and by everyone, we bring you a fantastic selection of artistic pictures. Starting today, anyone can discover among other related products our 12 seductive artistic pictures by simply ordering on-line from Amazon or directly from the store at www.orthodox-calendar.com/shop . The price for the classic wall calendar is only EUR 16.99, and you can buy our limited edition calendar with uncensored cover for only EUR 29.00! The first edition of our Orthodox Calendar has been a smashing success and created buzz all over the world. Some cheered for it, some attacked it. But nobody was indifferent to the very first organized global effort against homophobia in the Orthodox Church. Our creative team is more enthusiastic than ever to work on the calendar. Some of their gay-friendly models, although not gay themselves, have agreed for the second time to strike a pose for our erotic wall calendar this year. ( By Magdalena De Iona ) Get more information at the link below.