For quite some time the American express Centurion card or commonly known as the American black was a highly coveted item. For users of the American black there is no such thing as credit limits ordinary folks have to put up with. The estimate is that at the moment there approximately 17,000 black cards in circulation. However to be eligible for the American express black you must charge 250,000 per year. The initiation fee will set you back for $5000, while the annual fee is $2500.


But apart from the no credit limit there are many added perks “ a personal concierge service that will score tickets for events and make your reservations for you. Then there are the private shopping services that will open doors for you at all the major fashion houses. However recently a number of cards has been launched that are supposed to offer same if not better perks then American express Centurion card. The Bank of America, Citigroup and Merrill Lynch have all launched versions of credit cards similar to American express black.


But the most coveted is the Stratus Rewards Visa or also known as the White card, which can be obtained through nomination by another member or invitation only. The annual fee will set you back $1500 and the perks are many ” from discounts on private jets, discounts on luxury goods to travel insurance up to $1 million . ( Source: )