CHATEAU MARGAUX 2009: Worls’s Most Expensive Wine


Got $195,000 to spare? Then make your way to Le Clos in the Dubai International Airport. There, three bottles of 2009 Bordeaux from Château Margaux are available for your consumption pleasure. While these bottles has been touted as the world’s most expensive bottle of wine — and indeed one might have trouble finding a pricier grape-based libation — more expensive bottles have indeed been sold at auctions in the past. Take, for example, a 1992 bottle of Screaming Eagle that sold for $500,000.


So, while this wine might be the most expensive sold at retail, it isn’t the most expensive ever. These aren’t just any bottles, though. They are Balthazars, which hold 12 liters of wine (standard wine bottles hold 750 milliliters). This is the first time that Château Margaux, a prominent first-growth Bordeaux producer, has bottled Balthazars.

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The wines come with a few perks. Any purchasers of the Balthazars will be flown first-class to Bordeaux for a private tour of the cellars and vineyard, as well as dinner with the chief winemaker. Paul Pontallier of Château Margaux explains in the video above that 2009 was a particularly good year for the Bordeaux harvest. “It is very special,” he says of the $195,000 wine. ( 5elected from ) For more information follow the links below.