SELF-AMPUTATION: Chinese Man Cuts Off Own Leg With Rusty Saw To Avoid Surgery Fees


Zheng Yanliang, 47 was told that he had one month to live after being diagnosed with severe arterial thrombosis in both legs. However, he could not pay the hospital fees to receive surgery. So, Mr. Zheng decided to act on the bad news and perform a do-it-yourself operation. The farmer from the Chinese province of Hebei waited until his wife went to bed before he began to cut his leg using a saw and a knife. When his wife found him, his leg had been removed and the pain had resulted in three of Mr. Zheng’s teeth being forced out from him biting the wood. Mr. Zheng’s leg has now healed, and he began appealing for more funds to allow surgeons to operate on his other infected leg. The news coverage on his story led to a doctor in Shanghai offering the service for free. ©