HARMONICA-HOUSED USB DRIVE: Contains All Of Bob Dylan’s Albums


This Harmonica-Housed USB Drive Contains All of Bob Dylan’s Albums. Not that any of us needed proof that the times are a-changin’, but grown-up hippies looking to grab this impressive omnipedia of Bob Dylan’s music might be dismayed to discover that instead of vinyl, it comes packaged on CDs as—well as this adorable USB flash drive housed in a faux harmonica.


At least this special collector’s edition includes the flash drive preloaded with 35 studio albums, six live albums, and countless singles in both MP3 and FLAC formats for those particularly picky about their digital tunes. It’s a far easier solution than ripping all of the albums yourself, or waiting for them to download from iTunes. There’s a catch, though: you’ll be paying $365 for the privilege at Amazon. ( By Andrew Liszewski from www.gizmodo.com )