ADTRAP: How To Block All Internet Advertising


Most of us are bombarded by advertisements in one form or another throughout the day. While there’s not a lot we can do about the ads in the subway, or placed up on billboards, the internet is another matter. AdTrap is a new low-power, zero configuration device which promises to banish adverts from computers, tablets, and anything else connected to the local network. The first question which arises when considering a hardware box like AdTrap is whether or not it can really improve on the free software-based solutions which are available on every major computer internet browser.


In answer to this, AdTrap’s creators point out that their device works not only with full-sized PCs, but everything else connected to your home internet, such as Apple devices running iOS 6 – and without the need of third-party apps or jailbreaking. In addition to blocking web browser ads, AdTrap is also reported to remove ads from streaming devices like Apple TV and Google TV. A configurable “whitelist” is offered too, so that users can allow adverts on websites of their choice.


The current AdTrap prototype is based around an Atmel ARM CPU, which sports 128 MB RAM, 256 MB Flash storage (upgradeable with an SD card), and an open-source Linux firmware which is said to be easily tweaked. As far as connectivity is concerned, the AdTrap packs two ethernet ports, two CAN buses, a USB port, an SD card slot, and a serial port. The Palo Alto, California-based team of hackers behind AdTrap have turned to Kickstarter in an effort to raise funds to bring the device to market, and to get your hands on a unit, a pledge of US$125 or more is required. ( By Adam Williams from ) The video below features the team’s pitch.