“VAGABOND” BY SMARTBIKES: Flips From Bicycle To Stroller


There are bikes of all shapes and sizes at Eurobike but the vast majority are variations on familiar designs. One notable exception is the Vagabond from Spanish company SmartBikes, which does double duty as a bicycle with integrated child seat and a stroller. In bike mode, the vehicle adopts a two wheels front and one wheel rear configuration. The two front wheels and split handlebars are positioned either side of the child seat with the rider sitting behind. To convert the Vagabond to the stroller mode, the rider lowers their seat, removes the child seat and folds the frame in half by way of a centrally-located hinge.


The child seat is then reattached with a single wheel now at the front and two at the rear. The whole conversion process takes less than a minute. With 16-inch wheels and an aluminum frame, the Vagabond measures 73 cm wide x 165 cm long x 102 cm high (28.7 x 64.9 x 40.1 in) in bike mode and 73 cm wide x 120 cm x 102 cm (28.7 x 47.2 x cm x 40.1 in) in stroller mode.


It features Shimano Nexus 3-speed gears, mechanic disc front brakes, Shimano Roller rear brakes and weighs from 20 to 29 kg (44 to 64 lb) depending on accessories and options. Accessories include a basket, plastic rain protector and hood, while optional extras include a double child seat. Supporting a maximum rider weight of 100 kg (220 lb), in bike mode the Vagabond can carry a single child of 25 kg (55 lb) and another child of up to 20 kg (44 lb) with the optional double child seat, while in stroller mode it will take one or two children weighing 15 kg (33 lb) each.


The bike/stroller combo has all the safety certificates required for such a vehicle and certainly looks a lot safer than the Longboard Stroller concept we saw recently. The Vagabond was developed by Antonio Garcia Lopez who is already selling the bicycle/stroller in Spain and through the SmartBikes website, but is at Eurobike looking to strike some distribution deals to target other markets.


He says he has been encouraged by the response he has received thus far, so the Vagabond could well be appearing in shops in a number of countries in the not too distant future. But for the time being, the Vagabond is available for order online for €999 (US$1,330) with a €40 (US$43) delivery fee. ( By Darren Quick from www.gizmag.com )  The conversion process is demonstrated in the video below. For more information, follow also the linkk after.