RISING FURNITURE By Robert Van Embricqs


We have featured Rising Table before, a modern furniture design by Robert van Embricqs. This time, Robert submitted Rising Furniture Series: rising chair, rising table, and rising side table. After he graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academy with Rising Chair design, he focused his attention to find new ways to adapt these unique techniques to different pieces of furniture. Van Embricqs has always been fascinated by the complexity yet esthetically pleasing of natural form. He finds that plant life, bone structure, and movement have given a lot of inspiration when he’s crafting his art. During the design process of Rising Furniture, Van Embricqs focused on combining the functionality with an esthetically pleasing look, flexible furniture that reverts to its basic form. As you can see here, these furniture pieces can be turned completely flat when not in use. These furniture designs are currently available through Robert van Embricqs. You can contact  Robert van Embricqs at the link below. ( 5elected from www.tuvie.com )