We’ve heard of ski-in, ski-out resorts, but visionary architect/artist Michael Jantzen’s gargantuan eco ski-slope has taken the concept to another stratosphere. Dubbed the North Slope Ski Hotel, Jantzen’s 400-foot sustainable design has yet to be realized, as he’s in hot pursuit of a client who shares his belief that “luxurious places on earth can, and should be built in an earth friendly way.” Personally, we think the sustainability-minded Kimpton chain would be a good fit, giving the green brand heft with regard to cutting-edge design.



Jantzen’s ice-cold mock-ups depict guests “swoosh-swooshing” down a slope on the hotel’s exterior, which is powered by a combination of wind turbines and solar cells that also fuel the hotel at large. When the weather outside is frightful, warmth will be provided courtesy of “large south facing insulated windows mounted in front of a large amount of thermal mass in the floor of the lobby…to help passively solar heat the hotel,” reads Jantzen’s description.


The proposal is for fully-functioning eco-accommodations, so, if and when the project comes to fruition, an eco-spa and gym will are included in the plan. In a further gesture of kindness toward mother nature, snow is not wholly necessary for the slope, thus making it season-less. Per Jantzen: “The ski slope is also designed to collect summer rainwater, and winter melting snow…This water is recycled and used in and around the hotel.” ( By Heidi Atwal from ) For more information or to get in touch with the designer, just follow the link below.