TOTO: The Portable Washlet


If you’ve visited Japan, you may be aware of the Japanese love of washlets, the electric toilet seats or attachments that provide toilets with water spraying and washing features. In fact, washlets are so common in Japan that some Japanese people simply don’t feel comfortable using toilets overseas that aren’t equipped with the same washing features. Well, fear not — the TOTO portable washlet comes to your rescue! The gadget can travel with you wherever you go and will keep you feeling clean and comfortable in practically any toilet environment. It’s battery operated too, making it easy to carry around. The product has apparently been quite a hit, with over 500,000 having been sold to date. Satisfied customers seem particularly happy that the item allows them to turn the toilet in their hotel rooms into a familiar washlet toilet just like at home. The portable washlet is currently available from Amazon Japan for 5,454 yen (US$55). For more information follow the links below and watch the video presentation inside the link, to better understand this item.