KUMO : The Cloud Shape Baby Crib By Sora Design

A look at the Kumo and you wish you could curl up like a ball and fit into that beautiful baby crib. Inspired by the different shapes of clouds, it comes as no surprise that the furniture has been given a Japanese namesake. The designer Manami Keiji give you the option of hooking on ropes and then attach it to the ceiling, to give it the floating cloud vibe. Says Keiji, “We designed a little crib for babies and were inspired by the different shapes of clouds. Named after the Japanese word for cloud, ‘KUMO’ was born. This little crib has the shape of a cloud, but is turned upside down.By using light ropes, which are attached to the ceiling and to the crib, it almost floats above the ground. This makes it different from your everyday crib.” For more information about Sora Design, follow their Facebook page bellow.