THE FIT BIT : How Do I Start ?

My name is Jay Beauchamps, I am 27 years old of Dominican decent living in Miami, Fl. I first got started with fitness when I decided I wanted to make a change in my life. From then on it’s been a journey filled with coaching, nutrition and finally starting a boot camp program where I can spread my knowledge to others. In today’s day and age, across America, obesity has reached record highs. Things that pry people away from even the thought of exercise are lack of time, motivation, and simply because they don’t know where to start just to name a few. It’s much simpler to stay at home and flip the channels, but that method will get you nowhere if what you want are results! So you want to know how to get started? I’m glad you asked!

Seek out your drive or goals! Goals help us keep our mind on track to prepare and work for something. For example, the summer is right around the corner and who wouldn’t like to feel more confident striping down to their speedos or swim trunks to strut their stuff? Grab a friend! Most people do not like working out by themselves so it is easier to just stay put! Working out with a buddy helps to stay on track. Test each other and even hold a mini challenge amongst yourselves to see who sheds the most pounds by a certain date. Look into different methods and outlets!

There are many places like the Gym, Bootcamp, Crossfit, Pilates, Yoga, etc. where you can start one step at a time. (No pun intended) If there is one excuse that drives me up the wall its “I don’t like to sweat” as funny as it may sound, I have heard it before. No one is saying to just jump right into it 5 days a week and push iron and run and jump and kill yourself.

Start off slow, two times a week, then three and so on. In just a week you will be surprised how other things like energy, strength and confidence start to change for the better. Research shows that with ample exercise, your life span actually increases. As a disclaimer, and this is something that I tell everyone that I train; the first day will always be the roughest.

If it has been months and even years that you haven’t worked out, chances are your going to feel dizzy, light headed and maybe the urge to throw up. IT ISN’T THE END OF THE WORLD AND DON’T THINK YOU CAN”T DO IT! Push forward and live to see another day in the life of fitness! ( By Jay Beauchamps from )