BRADLEY HART: Paintings Made By Injecting Paint Into Bubble Wrap

You know how bubble wrap is basically impossible to resist popping? Seriously, popping all the bubble wrap has got to be the number one reason people get fired from shipping warehouses. (Okay, maybe number 2 after forklift races.) But you wouldn’t want to pop these sheets of bubble wrap because if you did you’d get covered in paint. Artist Bradley Hart injects paint into each bubble creating pointillism style artwork. After Hart injects the paint, some of it drips down the back, which he then removes and uses to create a second  drippy version of the original. The process sounds very elaborate and meticulous but the most impressive part is that he doesn’t pop any bubbles. ( By Jenni Chasteen from ) For more information or to get in touch with the artist, just follow his website at the link bellow.