Tracy Widdess knows has known how to knit brutally since 1999. Sci-fi and horror-inspired brightly colored hand-knitted masks are perfect for you all types of human-shaped monsters. Visit her shrine at the link bellow. Perfect for Halloween of course but perhaps also something to have fun with walking down a busy city street in the winter? That’s for you to decide. Widdess is available for commissions and exhibitions. Take a look at the monsters of Brutal Knitting. Tracy Widdess lives and works on Vancouver Island, BC. Brutal Knitting is the name under which her creations in yarn are sold. It’s amazing what a few lengths of yarn and wool can become in the hands of an artist. Widdess’ knitted pieces are wonderful: some of them look like medieval knight’s helmets, some like woolly gimp-wear, some like alien headdresses. I am sure they are warm. Comfortable? I don’t know. Practical? Surely not. But undoubtedly art. For more information or to get in touch with Tracy, just follow the link bellow.