Sunglasses manufacturer Shwood is known for their classic designs made out of not-so-classic materials like the one hidden in their name. Adding to their trademark wood frames, the Portland, OR-based brand takes a leap forward today with Stone, a new line made from a thin veneer of slate over birch wood. The new styles retain Shwood’s universally flattering and retro vibe, but the slate—which comes in both white and black versions—provokes a second glance. “The most important factors for us when it comes to aesthetics are texture and color variance,” says Taylor Murray, a brand manager for Shwood who came up with the design concept. “We constantly get feedback from our customers with stories of how they regularly get stopped on the street by people asking about their sunglasses. This is something we always aim for—the ability for the glasses to spark the curiosity of anyone who encounters them.” Shwood partnered with a German engineering firm to develop a method for working the slate into thin sheets just a millimeter thick to keep the frames light and comfortable despite their appearance. As with all of their frames, each pair in the Stone collection uses polarized lenses from Carl Zeiss. ( By Adrienne So from ) Prices range from $295-$395 and are available in Shwood’s online shop. Also be sure to check out the company’s stylized video behind the process of the Stone collection.