Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa located between Positano and Amalfi is a historic Monastery fully transformed into a boutique hotel. The hotel is considered to be one of only 39 castle hotels in all of Italy, originally converted from a monastery into a hotel in 1924 where it was run for three generations by Roman hotelier Mr. Marcucci. The property was eventually closed, then purchased in 2000 by Bianca Sharma who spent a decade turning the old structure into a true Italian paradise which opened this summer. The Santa Rosa is filled with four levels of gardens, an infinity pool, and views of the Gulf of Salerno right in it’s backyard.

Twenty well tailored suites consume the old structure, each named for an herb that the nuns would have used in making their medicines from the Monastero Santa Rosa garden. A local Neapolitan designer collaborated with the owner, Bianca, to create an elegant ambiance graced by timeless Italian antiques while making sure that each room has spellbinding sea view’s with large vaulted ceilings.

The original architectural elements of the castle were kept in tact and restored, then complemented by one of a kind decorative pieces, hand picked by the owner throughout her travels in Italy. The owner’s admits that her “biggest pleasant surprise” in the entire 10-year renovation project, was the semi-tropical gardens.

The enchanted Mediterranean garden is truly a place to experience sheer moments of pleasure;  as each level presents stylish, comfortable areas to relax and soak the day away.

Everywhere the Santa Rosa gardens’ intoxicating perfume encircles brimming with the fragrant botanical wonders of bougainvillea, lavender, agapanthus, coreopsis, rosemary, roses, and local-origin lemon trees, just to name a few of the many botanical wonders that grace the grounds. Approximately 5,000 plants were imported for the gardens from 10 different countries to flourish in cycles throughout the year, growing in beauty season by season.

The Monastero Santa Rosa is extremely rich in history and passion. A place cared for by local townsman, and philanthropists – and now restored by an owner who has a deep appreciation for the Monastero’s past. To honor it’s past, Sharma started a special tradition, each year between August 23-30th during the Festival of Santa Rosa, where travelers can come to experience an authentic tribute to the history of the region. For more information or reservations just follow the link bellow.